Ask for a personal credit: the keys you should know


Asking for a personal loan can be a great option when an economic unforeseen event arises and we do not have the necessary liquidity to face it; It is also a good solution if we want to indulge in the whim that we are so eager to achieve or fulfill a dream that we have been pursuing for some time. Therefore, it is convenient that you know all the keys to be able to request a personal loan with all the guarantees and the peace of mind that your financial institution is of the maximum confidence.

How to request a personal credit?

How to request a personal credit?

There are different formulas to go to request a personal credit: from going to your usual bank or savings bank to resorting to a fast personal credit financial institution; the options are numerous, but the possibilities of receiving credit approval vary depending on your particular financial situation and the conditions imposed by the entity that grants it (payroll, guarantee, etc.); The same happens with the necessary time for processing and the deadline to dispose of the money. For this reason, it is advisable to assess all the alternatives in order to choose the one that best suits our case and, after opting for a specific entity, consult what the requirements are for the granting of credit.

Can I request personal credits online?

Can I request personal credits online?

Requesting personal credit online is possible. In fact, we have state-of-the-art technology that allows us to significantly reduce the processing time thanks to the fact that the documents necessary for the financial study come to us instantly through an intuitive web form. In addition, as a fintech entity, one of our main concerns is security, which is why we implement cutting-edge technologies and measures to offer the maximum guarantees of security and confidentiality throughout the process.

Advantages of fast personal credits

Advantages of fast personal creditsAdvantages of fast personal credits

The main advantage of fast personal credits is precisely the agility with which the money reaches your account. Thanks to our web technology, we receive documents in real time in order to carry out the financial study, which allows us to minimize management time and provide you with a much faster response. Also, from when we confirm the approval of your request until you receive the money in your account, just 15 minutes elapse (as long as there is no holiday involved), so you can have the amount granted much earlier than with conventional entities.

Another great advantage is that you can request your personal credit without paperwork: we will only ask you for the documentation strictly necessary to know your credit rating, which will save you headaches.


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